This time of year – up to our ears in holidays and such – makes one reflect of the many blessings of life. Or it should anyway.

All through November, I kept track of the small graces and huge gifts given us.  There was so much to be thankful for (I still have hope of recording it all) that it was overwhelming in the best possible way. Thanksgiving week was the capstone and it seemed only right and fitting to celebrate Lucy’s baptism then.

It was a night brimming with gifts.

We were thankful to gather in the same space as we did for our wedding and all of the other baptisms.


Thankful we were surrounded by friends and family and for all of the support they have given and continue to give.


Thankful for the saving waters of baptism.


Thankful for the light of faith to lead the way. (And for tall godfathers.)


Thankful for a loving community.


So very thankful for the California folks who could celebrate with us and provided a lovely (and tasty!) reception.


Thankful for tradition and the comfort of the liturgy.


We are thankful for the graces God gives us to lead this growing family and the strength of prayer.


Thankful for good and holy godparents. We arrived to find them in prayer in the Blessed Sacrament chapel. Lucy is blessed.


And we can’t forget these crazies.  Plum FULL of thanks that we get to be their parents.  God is good.



*Thanks to Chelsey for dying my hair, dealing with my hormonal shopping trip, and for taking these photos. So glad you came!