I am lucky to have made amazing friends in college.  They are of the true-blue variety, and while we may not see each other as often as we like, here, ten years after we first met, we are still close.

Anyway, we are fortunate that all of us live within pretty close proximity of each other.  It hasn’t always been the case with Chrisa being east river or in the Far East (she’s a missionary), but this year we are.  Julia has recently moved to a new place and invited us over for a Christmas Tea.  Good times!


Sara brought her baby and I got to soak up some snugly newborn goodness.  In addition, there was a little gift exchange.  This tradition started sort of by accident our first Christams together in my tiny dorm room during a Christmas “party.” (I refer to it in this manner because it was not the typical college party but more of a coffee klatsch of sorts.  We were always good girls . . . ask Jac.)  I wanted to do something personal and handmade so this is what transpired:


I embroidered a tea towel for each girl with fabric that suited her personality – and learned a few new stitches in the process.  Max picked out cookie cutters for each of them (I love that my kids know the “college girls” as present like aunts in their lives. . . ) and Philip helped me make up our favorite sugar cookie dough so they could each have a batch. I was as excited to give them their gifts as I was to see the girls!

I had a lovely sitter who came to be with the kiddos(thanks for cleaning up downstairs and loading the dishwasher and getting them in jammies – you’re the best!) and so I thoroughly enjoyed my evening out, anxiously awaiting Jac’s return.  It is always balm for my soul to be with those ladies and last night was no different.  Thanks girls!