And just when we thought we could embrace “normal,” we sent the boys off to Totus Tuus for the week.


Im glad it’s Friday.

Im also glad for this “girls week.” Somewhere along the way I picked up the idea that a group of girls is dangerous. Sure, a gang of boys can be punk, violent even, but they are not nearly as terrifying as a gaggle of girls. (I’m pretty sure I can trace this in a direct line to Papa Bill. Yay, family of origin!) You can imagine the kinds of conflict having a gaggle of girls that belongs to me stirs up in my guts.

This week though. . . It gave me a glimpse into what a treasure it is. Yes, there has bickering and squabbling and screaming and tears -soooo many tears!- and even some scratching and hitting. BUT. But there has been lots of giggling and laughter and sharing and compliments and dancing and beautifying and music. I don’t normally like the word “liberating,” but I’ve witnessed it in them.

Wednesday we cleaned and made dinner to the mix of their favorite songs. Translation: there was much dancing and singing and using tables as stages and miraculously the kitchen got a little tidied and supper was made. Lucy commanded the round table while Ellie and Gemma walked the catwalk that is the bench.

“Yes!! We can listen to this song without Philip freaking out!” Ellie said.

Gemma gave a shimmy and a shake. “And if I danced like this and Max was here, he’d tell me to stop it!”

(To be clear, the dance move looked move like a butterfly attempting its first flight as opposed to anything suggesting anything.)

Those boys of ours-how we love them!- can be a little more staid then the free flying spirits of the girls. I like to think that having them together all the time brings balance to the force. But I must admit that having them separate and relishing their joys and strengths has been pretty great, too.

Here’s to fearlessly and joyfully embracing my gaggle in all their girly glory.