Bridget, who happens to be one of four sisters herself, took in the chaos on a recent evening and said,

“Wow.  FOUR girls.”

I think we laughed.  I remember thinking, “I must laugh now or I will cry.”

“I always think of them as separate and individual, not as a group.” she explained.

group, people.  We have a group of girls. 

We never – not ever – imagined THIS.  A large family?  Sure! But I think that maybe we just saw the individuals and not the group.

Yet, here we are with a gaggle of girls making life all sorts of crazy.  And awesome.  But mostly crazy.

Take tonight, for example.  There was a promenade with a throne and a parasol, a lot of laughter and Gemma with a dirty face and one slipper.  Crazily awesome!

Later, there were screams and accusations over a balloon, Gemma spilled the Lourdes water and Lucy was crying all at once. Awesomely crazy.

Four girls!  What a beautiful thing.