When your phone eats the beautiful post you wrote to your newly minted 11-year-old in celebration of his birthday, there’s a lot of emotions involved. Disbelief, anger, bargaining, hope (that your beloved will find it. He did not.), and the thought to chuck it all and somehow burn the blog, Apple (Steve Jobs would never have let this happen!), and WordPress all in one go.

One might sulk for a few days.

Then you pull on your big girl pants and post some pics because that’s what the kids will enjoy anyway and call it good.

So, in the words of the Boove from the movie Home (his extravaganza choice),


 We woke up to chocolate and candy and cards and hustled their sugar-high bodies to Mass. We followed that up with the requested Taco Bell and then he spent hours learning computer code, you know, how one does when they’re eleven. His brother wrote coded clues for his treasure hunt as Philip lives nothing more than a problem to solve, and he was gifted robots and watercolors and books on hummingbirds- all so fitting for our Renaissance Man. Then it was a motherboard cake and chocolate icecream and laughing himself silly over his chosen movie. Eleven looks good on him.