A boy scout uniform on a woman is less than flattering.

On a PREGNANT woman it’s a joke. But not a funny one. There is very little room left at the present moment and I am just shy of 26 weeks. It’s not gonna last. Have you seen Wall-E? The huge captain? How he wears his uniform like a cape buttoned around his neck? Yeah. THAT’S gonna be me.

Sooooooo sad it’s laughable.

Also laughable seems to be our family size. Now, let me just say that in our neck of the woods and in the herd we run, our family is just entering into a competitive size. Our four are not out of the ordinary. I guess it always comes as a surprise then when we get a shocked reaction.

Take Saturday for example. We headed out for a bike ride (a six month ripe belly on a bike? HilARIOUS!) and steered towards the gas station for air. Within minutes a semi cab pulled up and before the driver had even set foot on the ground he started laughing a rollicking laugh.

“By God! You all are gonna keep them tire companies in business, aren’t cha?”

The kids stared agog at this friendly stranger. Jac gave a “Who are YOU?” sort of look which left me to be the kinder, gentler representative.

I giggled. “We sure will!”

We were still at the air machine when he came back out.

“Is there one in the buggy, too?” After the affirmative answer it was his turn to be slack jawed. “Holy buckets you two have been busy, haven’t ya?!”

Again, I laughed in response and spent the remainder of the ride pondering what should have been the right answer. I mean, really, what is one supposed to say? In the end, I decided that in such a case, laughter is the best medicine. Better than a snarky remark or a witty quip. It’s just better to let the joy we have bubble up and out and laugh. Because this life we’re living? Now THAT’S funny.