The number of ridiculous/hilarious/scandalous things said around these parts on a daily basis is mind boggling.  It’s such a regular occurrence that usually there is a moment of recognition on my part or Jac’s (and sometimes the kid’s) and then life roars back up and we are off once again.  Other times, I want to record them for posterity, for those moments that I question my purpose or things seem just too TOO much.

Like when Ellie said in all seriousness to Tess, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Pure gold.

As of late, it’s been Tess with the real winners.  In my pregnancy brain induced fog, the ones I’ve held tight to and reminded myself not to forget have vanished.  Except these two:

The mess in our backyard from the blizzard is incredible.  Jac was sighing and wishing for power tools to take care of it, the boys were drooling and glassy eyed at the sound of “chainsaw” and I was lamenting not being able to help. In the middle of this melee Tess’s reasoning stopped us in our tracks.  “Why can’t we just get a beaver?”

There is a good deal of birth talk going on in this joint.  Are we being real or scarring everyone for life?  It has yet to be seen.  However, in true Tess fashion – because she hears a snippet of something and runs – the question she asked out of the blue yesterday had me in stitches all day.  “But WHY do they have to break your water bottle for the baby to come out?” I could only imagine (and wish for!) the scenario in her head in which a masked and gloved team smashed my Camelbak, yelled “Mozel Tov!” and handed me a baby.

It’s those moments folks that make me  glad for all of the talking.