Advent wasn’t all I had hoped it to be.

You’d think- or at least I thought- that an extra week to prepare would have made the prep work for the preparing that much easier.

It didn’t.

Instead, we came down with a cold, all the good library books were checked out, and I was constantly playing catch up. We all felt caught off guard and we wobbled through the shortened season feeling unsure of where we were.

Yet Christmas came anyway.

And we showed up, bedraggled and giddy, and the Lord showed up, too. We presented ourselves in our chaos and fatigue right there at the manger and no one blinked an eye. Why should we expect anything different when God became man born of a woman? It’s preposterous and amazing and just crazy enough to work.

Yes, our hot messes are nothing compared to his searing love.

Let heaven and nature sing!