A long time ago a friend shared how some of their friends had a laundry and letters Friday evening tradition. After this week, I thought why not combine the idea to air my dirty laundry in letter form? Sounds fun!

Dear New Neighbors,

So they probably didn’t disclose that you’d be sharing a fence with seven kids and a crazy dog. I’m betting you are wishing they had! But since it’s too late to back out, know Gemma is just going through a dramatic stage and the screaming you hear is just for show. Thanks for being cool and not calling CPS on us!

Beloved Children of Mine,

I know I’ve said it before, but In case you need a reminder:

Don’t toss your clean, folded clothes on the floor. It makes me crazy and prone to yell.

Dear Child’s Future Spouse,

Your beloved is probably going to throw their clothes on the floor along with everything else. I apologize. I tried.

Dear Parents Everywhere,

A word of advice- if you cannot get your children to come when you call and you need them, use the restroom, sweep up a dust pile or mop the floor.  Works like a charm. They will come running.

Penny’s Teeth,

Listen up, punks. It’s high time you showed up already. We’ve all waited long enough and you’re making our girl miserable. She hasn’t napped all week, for crying out loud! Give us a break, okay?

Love of my life,

The London fog you brought this morning and the bagel with the cream cheese I like? Incredible. Even better? The way you talked me down from the yelling over the clothes on the floor. (See above) You da real MVP.


Advent is supposed to be exciting so just relax. And think about and pray over any grand ideas of traditions before you start them, okay? Because seriously, you’re exhausted. (See above) I guess you can take comfort in knowing you don’t have an elf to move around. Let’s celebrate the small victories, shall we?