It’s been a rough week.

No one has been feeling particularly well and Jac and I both have big things looming – menacing us with their immenent arrival.  It reminds me of all the years spent at Cathedral and not in a warm, fuzzy sort of way.

In short, we’ve been short with the kids. 

Today was different, though.  I headed out early to meet with some ladies for a “Lenten Pep Talk,” leaving Tess and Philip eating breakfast (the latter was naked) and Max sleeping.  I was gone for two hours and fully expected them to be in roughly the same condition when I returned.  Not that I doubted Jac’s capabilities, I just know how a morning can get away from you and unravel. 

Instead, on my homecoming, I found children fed, bathed (he knows how much I hate bathtime), dressed and morning prayer accomplished.  The house was quiet except for the murmur of happy sounds from downstairs.  And this was on the table:


Thanks, Max.  I needed that.