Sometimes, it’s all about how you see things.  I’m notorious for being a glass half-empty type of gal.  An “awfulizer” as the midwife said.  I prefer “realist,” but whatever.  Anyway, the last few days have been, how do you say? Crappy. If left to my own devises, things would go from very bad to much, much worse.  So I took some time to gather some good in the midst of the bad and find the blessings.

Thankful for my girly girls who like order and options and leaving lovely surprises like this in the potty.  It spices up my many, many trips to the loo.

I’m hating, HATING tracking all I eat and the times and pricking fingers and GAH!  *Raking my fingernails over my face now. . . * BUT, I’m thankful for having food and choices and a husband who will take over the math when I just want to sit down and cry.

So very blessed that we have hot water at our fingertips. And a dishwasher.  And the opportunity to eat three meals a day together.  At home.  It’s good.

Loving the new tea habit the kids have developed.  Even though they want it ALLTHETIME. And ask for it like this: “MOM!  CanIhavesometea? CanIhavesometea? Now? Now? Now? MOM!!!” Yeah, even then it’s still good.

Taking comfort in the sweet musical stylings of Freddie Mercury.  There’s nothing even remotely wrong with this situation at all unless you count when he’s wailing about his body language and Tess is singing Immaculate Mary over the din.  That’s a little awkward but really nothing makes me feel better than hearing Queen at the end of a rough day.

Try it sometime.