Highlights form Tess’s royally awesome 4th birthday include:

* Consuming 6 crepes for breakfast.

* Getting to wear the princess dress I made for her (it was nothing . . . ) to the mall and to the arcade.

* Picking out a REAL crown.

* Winning lots of tickets at “the game place”! Because, really, what says princess better than hanging out in a mall arcade?

* Dinner with the cousins.

* Presents!!!!! Makeup from the cousins, a snow white doll, a play toaster – all things a girl NEEDS.

*  Beauty and the Beast Extravaganza with Fr. Tyler and Susan.  No tears!

* A little kid party for 4 of her friends.  Dad was sick in bed, it was drizzling and Tess was overwhelmed with it all.

*  Watching the boys play their parts of the prince so convincingly.

*  Having Hannah and Sabine play the parts of the Evil Step-Mother and the Fairy Godmother for the Cinderella/Princess/Kids party.  They were AH-mazing and I sure needed the help (see above).  You ladies made the party!

*  Tess FINALLY sleeping after a week of anticipation.

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