Tess is precocious. She is the one who pushes boundaries and tests resolve. She seems to gravitate towards things that are questionable and otherwise scandalous. If there is something that would make anyone else blush or blanch, there is Tess, smiling , in the thick of it.

So, while we were stunned by the following conversation, we were N.O.T. not shocked. It was classic Tess.

She happened upon Jac one afternoon recently while he was editing photos from one of the weddings we shot this summer. She asked some questions about the bride and groom and made some remarks regarding weddings in general.

After a little pause, she said,

“Where’s the picture of the bride and groom making love?”

God bless Jac. He had his head about him (and an outpouring of grace straight from heaven!) to stay calm.

“Uhhhh. . . ” he stalled, mind racing. “What? I’m not sure what you mean. . .”

“You know. The picture of the bride and groom kissing and making love. With their hands.”

It wasn’t until he came upstairs to whisper this tale to me in the bathroom and we had a good relieved laugh over it that he realized what she had been talking about. And boy were we relieved.


Now if only all of her observations and curiosities were as easy to answer.

Love this image Bobby and Grace! Obviously Tess does, too!