Tess has distinguished herself as a girl – and therefore different from the boys– starting very early on.  As she has gotten older, her fashion sense in particular has made her stand out from her brothers.  While they have their own clothing issues (below the belly button waists for Max, no overalls (or boxers or socks to bed or footie jammies or . . . ) for Philip), they have never been as outspoken or decisive as Tess.  Below you will find some of her fabulous fashion moments thus far.


I’m especially fond of this Che Guevara inspired look, Christmas ’08.


“I’m a angel ‘pincess!'”  Love the head to toe pink.


Vegas, here she comes!


Rocking the androgynous look in Philip’s jammies (Mom had been a little lax in the laundry department . . . ).  Now she asks for them at least once a week. 


“Either your jammies are on backwards or it’s one of those weird European get-ups.” – Jac


Yesterday’s get up – a skirt that she kept pulling up to her chest and her brothers fleece jammie bottoms. 

I’ll say this for ya, you got style, kid.