Our fall table. The gourds came from a mom at the co-op and the leaves the boys gave me “to feel beautiful.”

flavors my senses

sweetens my disposition

stirs my imagination

nourishes my dreams

If your a Starbucks fan (we just happened to find some gift cards recently.  Cider – yum!), you’ll recognize the above from their bags.  I was musing over it and thinking that though Starbucks is talking about their coffees/treats, it sums up fall for me.

Everything seems so much sharper in the fall.  The wind, the smells, food-spicy and baked.  I love it.  It makes me anxious for the holidays.  My fingers start to itch to create new things.  I spend more time in the kitchen.  Colors change and the earth gives one last hurrah.  AWESOME!

Last week I had the pleasure of napping in our bed with both boys.  Usually everyone is in seperate rooms and I hit the couch downstairs, but the boys were insisting on being together and I thought perhaps I could coax them to sleep if I was present.  I sandwiched between them, on top of the down comforter under a knit throw and felt their warmth.  Together we felt the cold air from outside on our faces (our windows are, how do you put it?, drafty) and smelled a neighbors wood burning stove.  Amazingly delicious.  And we all slept.