(There should be a photo here.  There isn’t. Read on to find out why!)

I have found that I get mightily annoyed with irregular bloggers.  I don’t like popping in on a site and it not having been changed since the last time I was there.  And then I realized – That’s me!

Doncha just love it when the plank gets pointed out in your own eye?

Yeah, me neither.

As an excuse, though:

– It’s taking us some time to get back in the groove of things around here.  It turns out that being away from home for a month cannot be rectified by one good nights sleep. But what we wouldn’t give for one of those. . .

– We have taken down the crib (more on that later) and moved the 4 kids into 2 bunks.  Yep, you heard me right.  My parents are cringing at this very moment.  Safety, space, blah, blah, blah.  Here’s the deal: they all end up on one bed anyway.  So, because it’s not nice/feasible/humane to put them all in cribs OR their own rooms, THIS is what we have.  Jac mentioned something about my relatives from the mountains who play banjo with their toes being linked to this phenomena of bed sharing in our house, but he’s a smart alek and it’s not worth repeating. I say, What’s wrong with getting in touch with your roots? ANYWAY – there isn’t much sleeping going on at the moment, day time OR night time. But there is a whole bunch of laughter and giggling and yelling and bouncing and that can be good, too.  Right?  RIGHT?!?!!

Speaking of sleeping, that’s what Jac is doing at this very moment and THAT makes it difficult for me to load more than one photo.  Because I don’t know how to do that, NOT because of his snoring.  I would NEVER say that.  Back to my point, he’s shown me how to upload a slideshow a bajillion times and made me do it more than once but I am a drunken monkey on the ‘ol computadora.  Jac will verify.  If he’s awake. (And this qualifies as an excuse because you KNOW we’ve got tons of photos from Holy Week.)

– Being away means things have snuck up on us.  Like Max’s birthday.  And Bridget having her baby.  And the Seder and Easter and Cub Scout Pack meetings and crossovers and advancements and our very first standardized test (what?!) and now Ellie’s birthday.  See?  Aren’t you tired just thinking about it?  Me too!

So, something had to give.  More like “somethings,” actually.  The bathroom was cleaned once after we got home, but the kitchen and the laundry and this here blog? Those are more like losing battles. 

I do plan on Easter posts – yes, plural – in the very near future.  And there’s stuff to share about the bed situation and potty training and the weather and all sorts of things.  Soon.  Very, very soon.

Oh, and one last thing. . . this should have come sooner, but please see above.  Happy belated birthday to Uncle Neil.  I’ve been saying it for years, but you are getting OLD.  Like on the verge of being of the launchpad to heaven.  I will send some calcium and prune juice as soon as my to do list above is taken care of.  In the meantime, I hope this much advanced year is the best one yet.