A week.  How can a week have passed already?

Little Lucia has been with us just seven days but the love affair began immediately.

For most of us, at least.

She was born at 7:33 pm and we pulled up to our home at 11:20 pm the same night.  Philip was waiting, watching out the window and he didn’t look happy.  Disappointed was more like it but even that is mild for what he felt.  Sixtus was supposed to be a boy. What had happened?

Since we couldn’t trade her in (and didn’t want to), we introduced her by pointing out her many and varied good points.  “Look at her tiny nails!” we said. “Her face is like Max’s was and look how she does that thing with her tongue, Philip.  It’s just like you!”  Before long both boys were smiling and giggling with delight over their newest sister.

The girls on the other hand, needed no convincing.  They ran to our room the next morning to check out “THE baby.”  The squeals of delight!  The cooing and wide eyes!


There was a constant line to hold her for 2 full days.  They were full of questions. What amazing teaching tools new siblings are!

I remarked that she smelled delicious.  Everyone then had to take a sniff. “It’s kind of a stinging smell.” Max said and they all agreed and asked for more whiffs.  I guess there is a certain tang . . .

There was a lot of “Did I do that when I was a baby?” and “How come she . . . ?” and “Feel her hair!  It’s so soft!”  “I love her feet!  They’re so soft!”  “Have you felt her shoulders?  THEY’RE SO SOFT!”

It was beautiful.



Tess, as excited as she was to Trick or Treat and go to the All Saints party, she was loathe to part from her sister.  “I just don’t want to miss her!” she said.  Upon returning home on Halloween, they hurried to check on her.  Costumes were shed and they piled on the bed, calling dibs on their turns.  Gemma patiently waited for her turn and was so loving and gentle until Ellie tried to touch Lucia.

“No, Ellie!” Gemma scowled.  “No!” she glowered and glared. “Mine.  MY buddy baby.”


Each of the kids just soaks her up.  Twice Max has requested to hold her during nap time, settling in with an audio book and spending the two hours just looking at her.


Ellie seems to have summed it up best.  Sunday night she lingered after prayer, caressing the baby’s feet.

“I didn’t know if I was going to like it, ” she said quietly, “But,” she shrugged her shoulders, “I just love her so much!”


I couldn’t have said it better myself.