We are one chapter away from having read the entire book of THE HOBBIT.  As a family.  I haven’t mentioned it to my mom because the thought of it would cause her to question my sanity.  You see, Tolkien is but one step away from pot usuage and Dungeons and Dragons.  What in heaven’s name are we doing reading it to our 5,3 and 2 year old?  And the baby in utero!!!  Lord have mercy!!

Anyway, we are fans of Tolkien (got to give a Catholic brother props!), and for whatever reason, thought the tale of Bilbo would be suitable for the kiddies.  It took a false start in September (the book is slow in the beginning), but this month we got things rolling.  It’s only taken 2 weeks to read it through, with Jac doing the brunt of the reading (he does fabulous voices.  My favorite was the trolls and when he had to say “booby” over and over in an English accent.  Good times!).  The kids have been attentive and interested- not even making that up.  Philip wants to know what “Chacter” we’re on each night and Max will tell you the story in it’s entirety (thanks Susan for being a patient listener!) if he gets the chance.

I am sad to leave Bilbo behind.  We’ve decided not to move onto the Fellowship of the Ring just yet.  We’ll leave Orcs and Smeagul for another time.  Instead we will go to Narnia next and perhaps even meet up with the Cratchets and Ebeneezer Scrooge (though just thinking about having to read Dickens makes my stomach hurt! Anyone else severely traumatized by Great Expectations?).  For now though, we’ll relish the end of the Hobbit’s adventure.