Okay, I know it’s not Monday any longer, but technically it’s still Easter because we’re in the Octave so . . . TA DA! An Easter Montage with highlights from the big day.

Memorable moments include:

-We came home from the Vigil, had rootbeer floats and had the kiddie-kins in bed by midnight.  They were up the next morning at 6:30.  6:30!!!!!!  They were so very excited about their baskets, they worked themselves into a frothing frenzy and we could not hold them back past 7:30.

– Ellie’s first taste of M&Ms.  She learned in .273 seconds that plastic eggs hold nothing but sweet, sweet goodness and that chocolate is the reason she is alive.  Her siblings shared all sorts of goodies with her but the favorite was a foil covered chocolate egg.  After that, when we attempted to give her breakfast, she picked up what we offered, looked intently at Jac and I, held her breakfast out at arms length,, dropped it and very loudly demanded MORE candy.

– Max helping his brother and sister find the foil covered eggs and generously allowing them the lions share of the loot.

– Philip crashing half-way through his chocolate bunny at 8:39 am.

– Hiding and finding eggs in the rain and coming inside for even more egg hunt madness.  We’re still finding eggs.

– Tess losing her temper over the Cascarones (confetti eggs) and throwing hers when she didn’t like how things were going.

– 5 dozen Cascarones and our new theme song – “Cascaroneeeeeeeeees . . . In my chonieeeeeeeees.” (Translation: Confetti Eeeeeeeeeggs. . .  In my underweeeeeeeear.”) The song has a dance that involves some head bobbing, hips shaking and a little shoulder twisting.  Now you want to come next year just to see it, don-cha?

– Face painting!

– Dog poo on everyone’s shoes as the sun set.  Thanks Monday.

He is Risen!  Alleluia!

We took 7 shots.  This one was the best, so take a guess what the others were like.