Who is it that sings “A dream is a wish your heart makes”?  Is it Cinderella?  Sleeping Beauty? Snow White?  Whoever it is I want to trip her and her perky singing forest friends.  Who can sing when they’re hauling water and getting no thanks? 

Not me.

But I sure can dream.

Things are, at the moment, rough.  The chaos at our house in the last month has taken a toll on everyone and everything.  It has mama just a little hacked.  And if mama ain’t happy . . . well, you know.

So instead of rectifying some of the things (no clean clothes, behind on the schooling, organizing hand-me-downs) I’m just going to dream my day away.  Care to join me? 

Things I wish kids would learn by osmosis:

1. Handwriting 2. Potty training 3. Manners 4. Remember to flush a toilet 5. To like all food

Things I would do if I had 15 minutes to myself:

1. Sleep 2. Blog 3. Sew 4. Sleep 5. Sleep

If I could,I would hire:

1. A cook 2. A housekeeper 3. A landscaper 4. A hairstylist 5. A stylist

What I wish for my children:

1. To know Christ 2. To know we love them 3. To know their parents approval 4. To know God’s will 5. To be quiet for 5 minutes.