The moment you were born and I heard you cry, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. Then someone yelled, “It’s a boy!” and everything lit up.  It was as if I had waited my entire life for those words, for that second, for you.

And now here we are, ten years later.  TEN!  I’m still amazed by it all.

The night before your birthday you requested to look through your baby book and to hear “the” story about how you were born.  As the planner you are, you asked for this a week in advance.  I thought I was prepared.

Nothing can make me ready to see your tiny footprints, to read through my thoughts, to look at the youth in dad and I.  We were so clueless!  But so very much in love.

That’s our story, friend, the one of us and you.  The story of mistakes and foolishness and sometimes confusion but always, ALWAYS love.  You opened us up in ways we never imagined and continue to do it every day.  Because of you, we have learned how to love and give and live. You made us parents in a moment and changed our very being with your arrival.  You make us want to be better, know more, seek God.

You are a blessing.

Ten years have happened in a flash.  You were new, and then two and then here – ten!  Here’s hoping that the next ten aren’t so darn quick but are just as amazing as the last.

We love you.  Happy Birthday.

*The request for the day was “Sort Legos, Mass, wii.”  You double checked that you didn’t have to do chores.  We went to Jerry’s Cakes for donuts (chocolate frosted cinnamon roll – what?!?) and the bank to open a savings account. It killed you to not know what the theme of your extravaganza was but in the end, we think you were satisfied with The Swiss Family Robinson.  Comedic relief, coconut bombs and pirates – what’s not to love? Susan and Fr. Castor joined us for Homemade Daniel Pizza, chocolate Island cake and the movie.  It was a late night, but you were content when you went to bed in addition to being another year older.  Now on to the octave!