Upon getting home on the 6th (post baby appointment), we proceeded to unload and – I kid you not – before I even got to the door I smelled it. 

“What is that smell???” Philip demanded to know (he’s a wee bit sensitive to the smells.  Been known to cry and threaten puking on occasion.  Has gagged over his sister’s diapers.)

My eyes were welling and I felt bile rising.

“I don’t know, Philip!”  Then it was my turn to demand of Jac.  “What is that smell?”

I’m not kidding.  This is what he said:

“What smell??”

You see what I live with???

Every trip in and out of the house (there were a LOT. ) I hoped it would get better.  Maybe things just needed to be aired out, you know?  Yeah, not so much.

Finally someone wanted something from the fridge and HO-LY CATS.  That was IT.

We had a fun time emptying the nasty Chinese leftovers and moldy unrecognizables from the shelves.  There was sticky, brownish goo covering the top shelf *SHUDDER*.  How could I have been so careless?  Note to self: next time leave an empty fridge.  It’s what we ended up with anyway.


The most disgusting part?  The fridge and freezer still reek.  I put boxes of baking soda in each but I’m dreading the thought of hauling everything out and scrubbing every inch clean.  Maybe there’s a filter on the back that could be changed?  I wish I knew these things.

P.S. Jac, who could not smell the smell, now wrinkles his nose at the ice that comes out of the freezer.  “There’s something not right about that.” he says each time he tastes his pop.  Ya think?