Philip is notorious for his mixed up hearing.  For a while I was very concerned it was a serious medical issue, but then we realized he would readily admit he just said it different.  A relief and laugh all in one.

Some of his classics are “Macon and Cheese” for mac ‘n’ cheese and Puh-sagne for lasagne.  Do I even need to mention how crazy this drives his brother?  I didn’t think so.

One of my favorites is from a pirate song that is a favorite.  The actual line is, “Scurvy and rickets we can’t tolerate” (we go for wholesome music around here).  But Philip ALWAYS sings it “Scurby and crickets we catch on the ring-o.”

And just tonight he was sitting pensively in his chair when he announced, “You know what I call that city?  The one where Jesus is?  Buffalo-hem.  Why is it Buffalo-hem?”  

Why indeed, Philip.