Things we’ve been hearing around here include:

– Monday barking.  A LOT.  The new neighbor across the street came over and asked if we could muzzle her because she has a newborn and the baby won’t sleep with the dog’s noise.  First, I was embarrassed then angry.  Baby’s don’t sleep, honey!  Don’t blame our dog!

– “Match Make-oh, Match Make-oh, Make me a ma-a-a-atch!” sung for very long periods at very high decibels. The STM spring musical was Fiddler on the Roof and we spent a few days watching rehearsals and helping with things.  We’ve been hearing lots and lots of quotes and singing from the show.

– Ellie’s new found high-pitched shriek followed by her laugh.  The kids love to make her do this.

– The boys having a hootenanny upstairs while they should be napping.  Spring fever has set in.

– “How many more days until summer gets here?” as asked by Philip 10 bajillion times a day.  How do I break it to the boy that we usually don’t see summer in these parts until July?  He is a Californian at heart.

– Me repeating things 10 gazillion times.  we’re having issues with obedience.  I know the answer is to ask them once and then follow through.  But have to tried to drag a flailing 7 or 5 or 3 year old (or 11 month old dog . . .) up the stairs?  It’s a ton of work and, have I mentioned, I’m lazy?

– Me cursing the arrival of stinking ants . . .

– Rain!  Thunder!

– Lawn mowers.  Not ours, of course.  It hasn’t reached Tess’s knees yet . . .

– Birds!  With Monday around, they stayed away all winter.  But the nice weather and the advent of the dog on a chain (long story . . .) means they have gotten brave.  And a few have returned to our “poop tree.”  They sound delicious.

What do you hear?