On Friday I was explaining to another homeschool mom where Jac was. “He’s at the dentist with Phil.” A friend overheard and exclaimed, “Again?!”

Yes, AGAIN. February-and it turns out March, too- was the month of dentistry. It adds up quickly when everybody and their mother (no hyperbole here) have cavities and or other issues.

So fun!

Its made us hyper sensitive to whats going on – or more accurately, IN – everyone’s mouth.

Gemma is bird-like in her appetitive to begin with but she leans hard in the “bird-like and only things that are sweet” direction. As in, claims she’s full after eating three sugar snap pea pods only to ask for an “Oreo? Gumball? Icecream? Peep?” etc., etc. the minute she’s excused from the table. The requests for sugar are made ALL DAY LONG and she is often found rummaging in the pantry (or on the counter or above the fridge or in my room or. . . ).

Plain and simple, she is a sugar fiend.

Recently, she announced she was hungry. So, so, sooooo hungry. I suggested some cheese.




Crackers, pretzels, apple, Cutie?

“Yeaaaah. I’d just really like an Oreo. Or some chocolate.”

I laughed. “Gemma, we’ve got to get you eating something else beside sugar!”

“Why? Because I’ll get dia-BBs?”

I choked back a laugh. “Do you know what diabetes is?”

“It’s when you swallow sugar and you get BBs stuck in your throat and die.”

I had a choice here and I did NOT take the high road.

“That’s right. You’re right.”

“So, I can’t have an Oreo then?”