I’m trying to take them all in – the smells, the sounds, the teeny, tiny toes.

I kick myself now because I only made a feeble attempt to do this with the others.  Part of it was that I took it for granted; time seemed to drag by most days and I assumed they’d be like this FOREVER.  The other part was that I was working and in survival mode.  I just needed to nurse the babe and pray they’d go to sleep so I could move onto the work that needed to be done.  Ugh.  It makes me sick and tired to think about those times and not be able to remember the finer points of the kiddos infancies.

So instead of dwelling on what I missed, I’m determined not to do it this time around.  I think it helps that the older ones are a little more self-sufficient and interested in the babe than they were the last time around.  It affords me a little more time.  And with Mama Syd and Papa Chris here last week and Grandma taking them during the day this week, things are quiet and the time lends itself to reflection.

I am so thankful for these days.  These moments. These little toes.