I had an epiphany in mass tonight.  I wish I could say it was of the spiritual variety but it was simply this:

Having kids is like reliving parts of high school, but just the painful, awkward parts (a.k.a. ALL OF IT.)

Like when your crush would walk in and your friends would all look at you at the same time.  The kids do this when we experience something that they anticipate will cause a reaction in me. Seven heads swiveling at once.

knowing you haven’t done your homework and praying you won’t be asked about it. “Mom? What’s a *insert embarrassing/touchy subject here*?

People only hanging with you because you can drive.

Snide comments and laughter about your clothing choices.

Working off friend’s homework but trying to make yours sound original and yet right.

Boys who smell and girls who fight.

Questioning if you’re the only one who doesn’t have it all together.


Yep, pretty much sums up parenting.