The iPad just ate the post I wrote for today.


I am electing to call it a night instead of swearing and crying and (possibly) throwing the computer.

Se la vie or something like that.

I assure you, what was written was pure brilliance. What follows is not:

Tess finally lost that second tooth tonight. After wiggling and general manhandling, I simply held on while she tried to walk away. She and Philip conspired and there is a golden painted tooth waiting under her pillow as I type. She’s not sleeping.

Today is the Solemnity of Mary’s Assumption into Heaven. We drove to Sonic for lunch after Mass to celebrate and ended up putting the car in reverse and returning home for Mac and cheese because the kids were being ridiculous. Good times.

Max found a piece of Monday food in Gemma’s mouth this evening. While he gagged over that, I watched her spit out a second piece. I scooped her up to was her hands and mouth and found the remains of a third kibble. Then I gagged.

Deep thoughts with Philip tonight: “Wait. . . Shawn White’s an American?!” this was followed by stunned silence from all of us then quiet murmurs confirming this was true. “Well no wonder he’s always at Target! That makes sense!” Target = U.S.A.? And here I was thinking it was Walmart, Mickey D’s and country music.

Max has a cry worthy sore throat, Gemma’s nose is crusty and Ellie’s cough is just awful. Boo.

Yay! Happy Wednesday!