“Cuss swear.”

It’s what I say to keep things PG around the house.  I only use it in frustrating situations that can’t be helped.

It’s perfect for today.

Today I am at the laundromat and battling a slooooooooooow connection to the internet.  It won’t let me post any of our fabulous pics.

Cuss swear.

Those will have to wait.

But here’s an update from the lake:

All are well and covered with dirt.  I’m not even sure if that is Philip’s tan or the result of not bathing . . .

Ellie is experimenting with sleep deprivation for herself and for us.  She’s a little scientist.

Max is attending vacation bible school in Spearfish this week.  Hurray for Duc in Altum and the seminarians.  We love those guys and sure do miss Max while he’s gone.

Tess is helpful – most of the time.

Only a few days left until Mama Syd and Papa Chris must leave.

Cuss swear.