Jac fears the title of this post is what Tess may be saying some day about the Miss America crown.  (Not that we condone that sort of activity . . . )

A few nights ago, our little princess was twirling in the living room – because that’s what princesses do.  They twirl. – when she lost her balance and smoked her brow bone on the coffee table.  It swelled immediately.  The next morning her eye was swollen shut and had turned this lovely shade.  At least it’s a “princess color” . . .

The swelling has gone down some, but we have her majesty living on Tylenol and we’re trying hard to ice it for her.  She fights the ice, crying about how it’s cold and that she can’t see us with her “bofe” (read: both) eyes.

This injury has not deterred her from twirling and last night she was at it and fell again.

Something tells me we wouldn’t want her in high heels and an evening gown anyway. For her own safety, this princess can try for another crown.