Today was a very colorful day.

for school we had a lesson about oxidation (I’m NOT kidding) and how to scrub copper pots.  I’ve discovered a treasure trove of Montessori blogs and happen to be very excited aobut their busy hands/life skills/relevance stuff.  I ran across the lesson about using lemon juice and water to shine copper and tried it out with Max last night.  It was a hit! 


Don’t tell the boys, but I think Tess was the best at it.  Not that we were comparing or anything . . .


Busy, busy, busy . . .

As an added bonus, my pots – which hang above my bakers rack for all to see – are now nice and shiny.  And Philip shined a few pennies for his piggy bank.

Later, we tried another lesson from a blog – ice cream made from snow!  It snowed all day today – the nice fluffy kind – and didn’t blow away.  We had plenty for our dessert.  Just snow, a little milk, some sugar and vanilla and Jac’s quick stirring made a delicious snack.  And it was soooo white!


Philip with a little cherry on top.


It was pretty cold at first.  Then it started to melt.  To solidify it again we added frozen blueberries (from Sam’s Club.  The best!).  What we got was black mouths!


In person, Max looked very Edward Scissorhand-y.  He thought his black lips were soooo cool.  Be still my conservative heart!




And Philip almost ended up with a black eye.


This is how he normally uses a chair.  Oy vey.