While we didn’t get any pies made for Thanksgiving, I was determined to make these corn cookies that I’ve had stashed away in my idea file for a few years.  Then Mama Syd suggested some cute Turkeys made from Oreos.  Wednesday night we busted out the candy and frosting and went to town.  Here’s the evidence:



(While the above may look like all fun and games, the funniest part of the day was during the baking of the sugar cookies.  Philip, as previously noted, is a great help in the kitchen and he loves being in the midst of things.  He had measured and mixed the cookie dough, rolled it out and was placing the corn shapes onto the cookie sheet.  If you don’t know Philip, it needs to be mentioned that he’s a little . . . helter skelter.  Not so steady on the feet.  A feather weight.  So, just as I was thinking, “That tray can’t get any more on it!  We still have dough, but I think we’re good.  Sweet!!” Philip, talking all the while, laid down the last cookie.  In the process of doing this, we leaned on the tray, catapulting the all the cookies into the air and sending the tray cartwheeling after them.  As this happened, he lost his balance and, in a cloud of flour and a shower of cookies, bellyflopped onto the tray and cookies underneath.  He had been standing on a high step stool, so this was quite the landing.  I scooped him up and the first words that squeaked out (he had knocked the wind out of himself) were “I’m sorry!  I’m not a careful kid!”  Then came the painful breaths in and the crying. I assured him it was an accident and that they sometimes happen.  We made more cookies and all was well. But it was the funniest thing I saw all day.)