I have a feeling I’ve used this post title before.  It’s not right, is it, that I have the sneaking suspicion that people are out to get me? No. The answer is no.

Every time I do laundry something odd happens.  When I get things folded I find that Philip has 75% more laundry than everyone else.  Okay, that 75% percent is just a guess because I’m not so good at the math stuff but it looks like this: everyone else will have 5 items and Philip will have 20 items.  TWENTY.

Every time.

I have also, on occasion, found clean clothes in the dirty clothes.  You know, things that I just put away and no one has worn. That alone is enough to ruffle my feathers on occasion. But then . . .

THEN, this week, Philip had 3 stacks of laundry. Three stacks to our one, mind you.  At the same exact time I found the majority of the contents of his drawers in the dirty clothes.

That, my friends, is it.  The last straw.  My only option, obviously, is to cease doing laundry. Or let Philip go naked.  Either way. The madness ends here.