Being a mom is hard.

There are no performance reviews, no standardized tests, or yearly award programs to tell you that what you are doing- anything you are doing- is working. It’s the stuff of sleepless nights: Does is matter? What am I doing with my life? Am I making a difference?

But God is so good and consolations, however few and far between they may be, are sweet and sustaining. Sometimes they jolt me out of the mundane with their flashes of glory and brilliance, other times they feel like a gentle squeeze of the shoulder. And sometimes, sometimes, they make me pump my fist in the air Rocky Balboa-style, allowing me to ignore the metaphorical cut above my eye and my fat lip because, remember, being a mom is hard and there is a fight that we are taking the heat in.


In early November I had one such fist-pumping moment and it’s been carrying me through. Phil quietly clarified, out of no where, why Advent is his favorite.

“It’s not the gifts at the end, it really isn’t, though I DO like those. I just like all of our traditions and the getting ready and waiting. I like the books and the surprises we unwrap each day and the activities we do and the cookies and stuff. But probably my favorite is the music because I really, really like the music and I can’t wait to listen to it again.”

My middle of the night questions were answered with a resounding, “YES! It matters!”

I told you God is good.

Sometimes I fret that the kids know more and feel more fondness for Advent music than for actual Christmas hymns and carols. But then, so what? When we made the purposeful decision to focus in the season with seasonal music, I was hopeful if doubtful. However, as my mom says, the proof  is in the pudding. The sounds of the season are very much part and parcel to the experience for our kids. Bring on the consolation, I say!

And the music. Bring on the music.

I’ve posted this before, but in the event someone needs quick access, here’s our Advent playlist.

A parent needs encouragement! From people without kids who can say, “I want to be like you!” And from those in the trenches with them, and those beyond their stage who can assure them that it IS worth it. This lady and her family are just that for me.