Today Jac and I were working together on, of all things, a note of encouragement/wisdom for a couple we know who is getting married soon.  We were supposed to write up a short letter that summed up the joy of marriage as we know it.  Daunting, no?  This task was made even more Herculean by the fact that my beloved and I tend to have very different ideas about what consitutes as wisdom.

In the end we came up with an assortment of things we agreed on and Jac left to return to his office.  He was back shortly to read over my shoulder and see if he approved of my approach.

He squeezed my shoulders.

“See?  That’s what I love about ya.” he drawled in his best southern accent.  “You can take chicken poop and turn it into chicken soup.”

I was touched. 


But isn’t that what marriage is all about?  Throwing ideas around until you find something that fits for both of you?  Letting the other take over when you know they’re better at something?  Encouraging the gifts of the the other?  Making your beloved laugh in (almost) any situation?

I think so.

So, while Jac is dishing out the compliments and I’m off with the kiddos to the lake for a few days, here are some right back at him.

– You’re funnier than most anyone I know.  Thank you for making me smile and laugh and giving our children that ability to do so, too.

– You make a mean omelet and cook bacon like nobody’s business.  I love that you fix me breakfast so that I can sleep in and then read the paper in my robe.

– I appreciate all of the hard work you do for us – paid and unpaid (like when you clean the kitchen, bathe the kids or sort laundry).

-You. Are. The. Greatest.


Now, that wasn’t as eloquent as his compliment, but the sentiments the same.  I think he’ll approve.