I blame Linda Hofer.  I’ve mentioned before that she is an oracle, a prophetess.  What she says WILL HAPPEN.

She said this would happen and here it is – I’ve become boring.

She shook her head over my fancy cupcakes, crafty endeavors and school projects. “Just wait,” she’d say, “You’ll have enough kids and they’ll break you down and you won’t have the time or energy for all of this.” I would laugh it off and return home to swear it never would come to pass.

Then, BOOM.  I’m dull.

Seriously.  Tonight?  Tonight I opened 4 boxes to make supper.  Yes, that turned into shrimp scampi (Don’t be wowed.  It’s Lent.), pasta and Cheddar Bay Biscuits but it was BOXED.  I haven’t done anything multi-stepped or odd ingredient needing in ages.  My sewing machine is dusty.  Philip’s birthday barely happened.

I am my own worst nightmare.

Tomorrow I have a bag I have to crank out.  My hands are cramped from feverish embroidery.  The date with my sewing machine has me giddy and a little intimidated.  Level 2 is an appointment for confession.  When my soul is a wreck, life unravels.  I’m less than God has made me to be.  And the third prong of the creative attack?  A date with Jac sometime soon.  Change of view and pace sure does jump start my creativity.

So take that, Linda.  I may have hit a slump but I’m coming back, baby.  I’m coming back.