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We use the term “Circus Freak” with great seriousness around here.  It carries a lot of weight. For instance, Philip can roll his stomach on command and with great control thus earning him the title “Circus Freak”; meaning, of course, that he has talents and skills that should be shared under a big tent.  It’s a badge of honor, really.

You can imagine my pride, then, when in the span of one day the kids performed the feats seen in the video all on their own.  As you can plainly see, they are well on there way to fame and fortune and sparkly leotards.  I get all misty thinking about it.

I like that we got it on tape, too.  You know, for when they’ll be covered in a rock-umentaryy style expose and the director needs some shots of their early days before they became huge stars.  Ta da!  We have it.

Except, sadly, circus freaks don’t usually go on to be world famous folk.  A girl can dream though, right?

As we prepped the video, we wondered aloud what Ellie’s special skill might be.  She’s got  a reputation to uphold after all.  As if on cue, the little rascal tossed her head, causing her to roll over.  She did it again and again.

I foresee tumbling in her future.  How exciting – a freak in the making.