Last week my in-laws showed the kids Cinderella for the first time.  Mary brought them home appologizing.

“I thought it was safe, but Tess cried!”

She’s a sensitive soul and she didn’t like the step-sisters tearing Cinderella’s dress up.

“The mice made it for her!  Those girls were not nice!  I don’t like them.”

In the days leading up to our trip I felt very much like those mice.  I was making a dress (“A dancing dress for me to spin and spin!” – Tess) for Tess out of a silk blouse Aunt Cristie had given me.  I felt so resourceful and thrifty as I ripped seams and replaced buttons.

In the end, Tess looked more stunning than Cinderella did in the mousey dress.  And thankfully, her siblings didn’t tear it up before she made it to the dance.

And dance she did.  She spinned and spinned and spinned.