When Ellie awoke on the day she turned four, she said, “Now I’m almost five!”

She has been waiting for her 5th birthday for a very long time.  I’m not sure why exactly, what 5 means to her but it must be something big.  There was a lot of pressure to make it all she wanted her day to be.

I’m not sure we were entirely succesful, it was such a tall order after all.  But we ate doughnuts and went crazy with crepe paper and hunted for presents and had a crowd of some of her favorite people and we all loved her up and watched Rio and it was good.  She went to bed delirious with joy. (Heavy on the delirious actually, as she woke up around midnight and came downstairs crying and talking crazy.  After a lengthy conversation her eyes cleared and she looked around confused.  She was carried back up to bed and slept late the next morning.)

High five for five!

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