When I saw that Christmas Eve Mass was to begin at 10 pm, I nearly wept.

First, out of sheer joy that I would have that many hours in the day to get things done BEFORE hand. And then second because, ohmygoodness that is so late!

Pregnancy hormones, people.  Pregnancy hormones.

We were ready early enough to get a quick picture BEFORE hand which never happens. Who are these children with the combed hair?!

Max served and was as reverent and attentive and prayerful as always.  He makes us so proud. And Lucy made us laugh when she recognized him as he processed up. “Oh! Max! HI MAX!”
We arrived with what we thought was plenty of time but the church was already filling up.

“Oh!  Look at the trees!” Gemma gasped. “The lights are on!  Are we going to turn our lights on?  Why don’t they have any or-maments on them?”   There was much to take in and she narrated it all.

During the preparation of the gifts, Phil leaned into me. “FINALLY some real Christmas music!” We’ve trained him well, though I’m not sure why Adeste Fidelis and Silent Night that we sung as processionals didn’t register . . .

Gemma tried valiantly to fall asleep (and failed) while Lucy tried just as hard to stay awake (and failed.) 

At the end of Mass we had a hard time rousing everyone for a picture but once they were awake, they were climbing on Godparents and friends, running in the pews and spinning in their dresses. Lucy and I made a special stop on the way out and her reaction to finding Jesus in the manger was one of sheer delight and awe.

Merry Christmas, indeed.