In two weeks, I will be up to my armpits in stacks of laundry, suitcases and to-do lists because we are California bound.

Huzzah!  Thank ya Jesus!

We are excited to introduce Gemma to everyone on the West Coast, partake of some Taco Truck goodness (and hopefully some Dim Sum.  Conways, are you in?), attend a football game (to watch the marching band, obviously), celebrate 2 birthdays and a feast, visit Cousin Kathy, and go to Lego Land.

Oh, yes, LEGOland!

I wasn’t going to mention it to the kids.  Mama Syd had kinda, sorta hinted around about this might be the year! but it was so very undecided about whether we meant it or not about going to CA. Then Jac just up and tossed it out one evening,

“I think I’d save my money, if I were you, so you can spend it at LEGOland when we go in September.” (or something similar)

There was an abrupt hush that fell over the crowd.  They stared, wide eyed and unbelieving at their father.  Could it, no!, be TRUE?!?!

Oh, the planning! Oh, the expectation!  The days are filled with, “When we get to LEGOland . . . ” and “At LEGOland I will . . . ” Even prayer has taken on a new theme with an abundance of thanksgiving being offered up for the chance to go to LEGOland, that we have the ability to go to LEGOland, and today, praise that God “was so good to make LEGOland.”

There is so much excitement.

I am excited for other reasons.  I am anxious to see Nana Mickey and Papa Louie. I want to take the kids to the beach when they don’t HAVE to wear their coats. We are hoping to show them the red woods, summer fruits and the San Joaquin County Fair.

We will work, too.  The purpose/excuse for this journey is for Jac to attend the NCDVD conference in Oakland.  We will help get Papa Bill’s Tuolumne house ready for purchase and maybe paint a mural or two for a friend of Aunt Cristie.  We’d like to take photos of families and kids so if you’re in the Nor Cal area and would like some nice portraits, have we got a deal for you!  We will also take some engagement shots in Modesto for a couple getting married June 2013 which is probably the best thing – even better than LEGOland – about the whole trip.

We’re already scheduled to go back again next June!