I was away for the weekend and before I left I told Jac not to do anything crazy.

I had something specific in mind, you see.

“Like what?” he wanted to know.

“Like decide to put up a bunk bed by yourself.”


“Remember the last time we rearranged that room and we got the mattress stuck and Susan came and . . . ”

“Hmmm. . . Yeah, it’s like having a baby I guess. I have no memory of that.” This was followed by some nervous chuckling on both of our parts. I think both of us were thinking of this video he had shown me just the night before:


When I came home the saw horses were set up in the driveway and the kids met me with enthusiasm.  “We’re making a bunkbed!  A TRIPLE bed!” It was true.  These were the plans.

Yes, on paper plates.  But official plans, nonetheless. Team Daniel had procured all of the materials on Saturday.  They’re such hard workers. (They will also have some great memories of being squished by a load of lumber on the trip home.  Good times!)

Shortly after I arrived home, everyone was put to work. Is that Max with a power saw? Why yes, yes it is.  Check off that handyman Webelos requirement! No fingers were lost in the use of this tool.  And look!  He even has safety goggles and hearing protection.  Safety first!

Jac and the eldest three worked through nap time trying to beat the rain.  We managed to get the sides into the girls room and the bed mostly assembled before we ran everyone through showers before evening Mass.  Monday, Jac went to pick up mattresses and extra lumber (“Measure twice, cut once!”) and the rest of the day was spent in suspense.  Now was the bed ready?  When could we put the mattresses on?  Were we done yet?

Oh, the excitement when we had them haul the mattresses in!  The cheering!  The screaming!  The barking!

Ellie was so relieved to find out that her bed WASN’T the space between the mattress slats and the guardrail.  There had been tears about not being able to sit up and we couldn’t understand what the problem was.  No wonder!  “It’s like a REAL bed!” she marveled.  And the first bed-beside the crib – that is hers and hers alone.

Gemma knew just what to do with the ladder and immediately fell in love with Ellie’s bunk.  She repeatedly flung herself headlong onto the mattress with an “Ahhhhhh!”  “Mama! Mama!  BED!  Ahhhhhh!” We laughed with her and Jac asked her if she wanted to know where her bed was.  “Yep!” she said, her eyes lighting up.  “It’s down here!” he said and he pointed to the bottom level. We only have two mattresses at the moment since 1. We could only fit that many in the car and 2. We’re not sure we’re ready for Gemma to be free range just yet.  So the babe looked confused and then tried very hard to lay down on the floor with the same satisfaction she felt on her sister’s bed.  She wasn’t buying it, poor kid.  Her look seemed to say, “YOU sleep on the floor, you crazies!”

As we made the beds, the boys were as giddy as their sisters and the all three girls kept saying, “I love  you, Daddy!  Thank you, Daddy!”

Thank you, indeed Jac.  So proud of you!