IMG_0132 There is just something about the boys leading the way.  It has shaped the dynamics of our family in the same way that 4 girls all in row has.  Yes, it has made the girls more daring.  Yes, our girls do things they wouldn’t have thought of on their own and find things cool that perhaps they wouldn’t if they didn’t have brothers.  I hope the boys teach them how to throw and punch and spit. They also teach them to love.


We had a birthday party for both boys this last weekend.  The girls were present and younger sister siblings stayed for the festivities, too.  I marveled at how the boys didn’t seem to notice.  Was it because they are boys and less prone to pay attention those sorts of things?  Maybe.  Was it because they were so stinking excited to have their friend all in one spot that everyone else faded into the background.  Probably.  Maybe it was the fact that all of the boys present have sisters and the majority are elder brothers so no one even mentioned the little girls. Yes, that played a part and for that I am thankful. Fighting and bickering has turned into an epidemic around here as of late.  The tattling! The yelling!  The physicality! It’s enough to drive me to drink. IMG_0137 HOWEVER, I am thankful for the surprise of finding little sisters on laps during Minecraft marathons.  For the consolation that is given when you here the big brothers laughing and talking excitedly about their game and yet answering their sister’s “Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that?” with patience and care and not skipping a beat.  I am blessed when the witching hour strikes and I am up to my pits in spaghetti sauce and I ask the brother’s to entertain the baby and they construct a car complete with a steering wheel to shuttle her around in, giving us all some peace and joy. 0139b33b626c64e09759886bfef825319b09f8f550 Someday, fingers crossed!, the kids will give thanks for their relationships.  In the present, though, I will give thanks for these boys and their love for the girls.