Only a few more posts about Denver.  Hang with me!

This will entail bodily fluid count (if not deduced by my clever-albeit graphic – title.). 

5 – Number of pees in a moving car into a cup by the boys on the way down.  We play fast and loose with our lives … an “I  have to go potty!” from the backseat in the middle of God-forsaken Wyoming does not call for a stopped vehicle.  No, no.  Keep truckin’! (I have some scarring memories of ill-fated car stops so my brother could pee.  Thanks Billy.  I’d rather avoid the whole thing.)  The boys are whizzes (!!) at this manuever and not a drop was spilled.

1 – Number of unstoppable bloody noses.  The last night there Tess rolled out of the high double bed she was in and face planted on the floor, resulting in a massive bloody nose.  She does not do well with being jarred awake – in a normal circumstance of being roused from sleep she is incoherent, shakey and wild eyed.  This was all that and more.  She kept trying to stand up and push me away, all the while screaming and saying “Bonk!  Yucky!  Nocose (her word for mocose or boogers), Mama!!”  She finally did settle back down but moaned the rest of the night.  The next morning we noticed that she fell with such force on her paci that her chin was actually blistered.  Poor babe.

2 – Number of pukes.  I’ll spare you the details, but the first night in I was violently ill while Jac partied it up and drank the night away with Jaron, Megan and pals. (To be fair, he didn’t drink and I made him go without me.)  It wasn’t so bad (I can’t believe I just typed that … ) with the kids asleep and all.  Anyway, puker number two was Tess who, while climbing into the car, put something into her mouth.  I admonished her and she dutifully spit it out and made a fuss and drama about “Ucky, Mama!” and spitting.  By the time I walked around to my door, she had thrown up her breakfast all over her.  Awesome.

This concludes the tour of fluid from the Daniel family.  Thanks for tuning in!