While I wouldn’t call this festivity so much a “festival” as a “get together,’ we went to expose the kids to some heritage and culture, nonetheless.  The highlights include

  • Seeing the Loch Ness Monster in Memorial pond (a blow up, ride on raft anyway that had Max very concerned.
  • Jac being invited to play for the newly formed Rapid City Rugby Assoc. by a young chap with a thickBritish accent and the largest calves I’ve ever seen on a human.  Jac asked “Do you need to be coordinated?”  The answer (laughing) ” We’re rugby players, man, not ballet dancers.”
  • Seeing Andrew Sullivan – the only man fully dressed in kilt and Jacket – and his amazing pipes.  Max is very excited he’ll be apart of the homeschooling coop.
  • Watching an Irish Wolfhound who was a good head taller than Philip.
  • Checking out some pretty sweet British cars at the car show (all 5 of them).  The consensus was – by the boys- that they were all spy cars.
  • Being invited to be apart of the Parade of Clans, prompted by all of us wearing our Clan Crawford shirts.  The organizer lady came up and said “Where are you from/  What clan are ya”  “Um, Clan Crawford?”  “Would you like to be in the parade?  This is what it’s all about!  You can march and represent your clan and we can learn more about you!”  Max nearly took her out at this point (I was slightly relieved) and she thanked us anyway and said maybe next year.  While I was feeling regretful, we watched everyone spread out in front of the grandstands and say something about their clan and where they were from.  Whew!  Dodged a bullet!