Wow.  How negligent I’ve been at the ol’ blog.  *Sigh*

Today was one of “those” days with the kids. You know the type … you feel as if you’re stuck in one of Dali’s paintings with the melting clocks only your brain is melting, too.  The children were at each other’s throats all day.  I woke to Tess screaming, “NO!!!  SHHHH!!!!  QUIET!!! MAMA SEEPING!!!!!”  and the boys shushing her which resulted in more screaming.

Anyway, among the more humorous and odd moments of the day was the fact that, for some reason, baseball kept coming up.  And each time someone mentioned something about it, Philip would say “Hey! I like baseball!”  He could be screaming bloody murder at his sister and he would just stop and say “Hey! I like baseball!”  Total madness.  By tonight, when we were searching high and low for a baseball library book, everyone was responding with “We know!!” before he could even get it out.