These photos are old.  As in 3 weeks old.  So if you’re sitting at home (Neil) and thinking “I thought she said they went to the Badlands like a month ago!” I did and that’s true.  But in the dirt soaked, technology bermuda triangle that is our summer, I’m just getting around to putting them up.

Just so you know.

** End Disclaimer **
On our anniversary, we hauled the family, the in-laws and the Boyd’s/Chin’s to Wall Drug and the Badlands.  Isn’t that your idea of a romantic way to remember yiour wedding vows?  See if you can spot the picture below of Jac’s enthusiasm . . .
We stopped in Wall (“Home of the World’s Largest Jackalope!” We have proof – see below) for lunch and some of their fine free ice-water.  Philip was a fan. (Can you spot him imbibing?) We also quick like bunnies (how many bunnies did Tess pose with? Count ’em up in the pics.) did some souvenir shopping and some mugging for the camera.  Can you find Max and Petey on a saddle bronc?  They make pretty cheery rodeo riders if you ask me. . .
The day was perfect for playing tourist (read: not hot) and play we did.  The kids played so hard they ALL passed out on the way home.  And, I’m not gonna lie, I snuck in a little nap, too.  I woke up in time to catch them all sawing logs, though.  It’s my favorite shot of the day.  Check it out: