This pregnancy has flown by. Or rather, life has flown by and we have been carried along with it. And while¬†technically we have four weeks left until our “due date,” there were a few hours this last weekend when we thought this baby was on its way so now we are in GETALLTHETHINGSDONE! mode. Et voila, the baby name poll is here and can be checked off the list.

When we announced to the kids that Baby Number Ten was on its way, and after they finally believed us, one of the very first questions was, “What are we going to name it?!” That was Christmas Day so this has been discussed for nearly 7 months. A top contender for the boys (but not on the list) is Constantinople, Nope for short. It’s the reason they like Ambrose – Bro would be a great nickname. Let me tell you, having young adults and teens involved in the process is entertaining.

Jac led us through a SPRINT excercise tonight to generate names and pairings. Philip delivered with the 3 name options while Tess admonished us for laughing at her not joke ones and not laughing when she was only joking. The girls surprised us with new options – though Amelia Bedelia from Penny was rather shocking. Teddy was irate that he did not get to use a Sharpie but, not to be left out, used his pencil to “write” his choices and then took his turn to announce them to us. They were all Benjamin, in case you’re wondering.

Now, we’ve got A LOT of names in this house and we have set a certain standard. So when Jac announced a month ago he though John Thomas was perfection, there was a general outcry and upheaval. John Thomas did not, DOES not, fit the pattern and theme of our rather hefty names. “What about Johannes Tomas then?” That’s when I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “They are English martyrs. We can’t change their names to other versions!” So, if it helps to know the roster of names we already are working with and pray in our litany every night, here they are: Maximilian Bernard, Philip Augustine, Rebecca Therese “Tess”, Catherine Elizabeth-Marie “Ellie”, Gemma Anastasia, Lucia Antoinette “Lucy or Lu”, Penelope Guadalupe Estelle “Penny”, Ignatius Giuseppe Cruz “Gus”, Edmund Peter Giorgio “Teddy.”¬†

Finally, we don’t know the gender, so anything is still fair game at this point. And so, while we hustle to prepare and get ready, vote, and continue to pray that this baby stays put for at least another week. We will know what name this baby should have when we see it!

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