A month ago someone said something about Septimus and Max sighed.

“You mean Septima? Because the baby’s a girl.”

Well then.

So we’ve been frantically trying out girl names because we’ve burned through all of ours (except Josephine but I just can’t get Jac to come around) and we are fresh out. We were fresh out two girls ago so you can imagine our dire straights NOW.

Jac is convinced this means Septimus is a girl.

Meanwhile, the kids have been stringing names together and deciding things left and right.  Ellie and Max were particularly impressed upon learning that Penelope is a saint name.  And most everyone likes Joan (except for me).

Meanwhile, we’ve got a boy’s name ready to go but if it IS a boy, maybe he won’t look like what we’ve chosen.  Who knows.  At any rate, this could be fun. Or push me over the edge in these final weeks. Either way, give us your best shot.

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