This week was rough.  Not in a dramatic sort of way but just how it is when the kids have colds and the to-do lists incite panic (Oh hello, Third Trimester Nesting! Good to see you again!) and I’m not the mom I could be.

It came to a head last night when Jac kicked me out of the house.  Not like that – it was of the “Do you want to leave now or in five minutes?” variety and when I asked him a question he replied with, “Oh, you’re still here?”  It was for my sanity and the good of us all that he did it and it was rather amazing how a quick trip to Target for toilet paper and printer ink could do so much toward resetting the week.

The thing is, it wasn’t anything but me that was making me miserable (though the kids and that darn dog sure like to push me to the edge . . . ).  I was girding my loins, so to speak, on the way home, having a pow wow with the Lord about the equity and justice of the universe when I was reminded of my lack of gratitude.  Yes, things are crappy when you feel a lacking, but gratitude?  Well, in the words of a wise woman, gratitude turns everything into enough.

So I took stock and here are the things I am thankful for this week:

– For new-to-us cars that are “fancy” and being one step closer to this baby.

– For every single seminarian  in our diocese.  Those guys crack us up and bless the pants off of us and our kids.

– For Fr. Tyler who busted out the big guns and exorcised the house and blessed it with the ‘good’ holy water.  And the fact that he let the kids fling the water into the rooms?  Bonus.

-It’s August 9th and we haven’t had to water once this summer.  Not once! I am thankful for thunderstorms that wake us up in the night that bring rain to this land and keep things green FOR FREE.

– I’m thankful for clotheslines and stolen moments alone with the clean clothes and for loads that dry before the rain comes.

– For the good news of miracles worked and the feelings that come when prayers are answered.  Our friends, the Hidalgo’s, have a son with Cystic Fibrosis who was put in the hospital a week ago and things looked grim.  In short order God fixed him up!  God is good!  We continue to pray for a lung and liver transplant.  (Also, my wallet was lost for 4 days.  There were some tears but we found it.  Thanks St. Anthony!)

– For little girls who like to make clumps and clacks and taps in their cowboy boots because it means that there are strong, healthy legs attached to spirited bodies.

– For friends who bring Chinese and adult conversation to my table and make me feel like what I say is important.

– For kids who all want help right now! with their fair projects.  It reminds me of their creative minds and I love that about them.

– For new books that grab our attention and have the kids requesting just one more chapter.

– For a husband who knows how to take care of me and lines up a sitter so we can get the heck out of dodge and just make eye contact in peace.  I love that guy.

– For tiramisu in bed at 10:30 on a Friday night.

– For fresh starts every morning.

God is good. What are you thankful for today?